Research & Development

R-Pharm JSC has a robust global pipeline:


  • Globally licensed anti-IL-6 MAB for RA and other indications.
  • Solid and sustained efficacy in difficult to treat subgroups (anti-TNF-NRs) in phase II.
  • Completed FDA (CMC, EOP2) and EMA (SAWP) consultations.
  • International phase III program to commence in May 2016.


  • Globally patented osteoprotegrin-IgG1 (Fc) fusion protein – RANKL inhibitor.
  • Potential treatment for tumor-related bone lytic lesions, giant cell bone tumors, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Phase I completed, Phase II approved in Dec 2014.


  • Globally patented novel recombinant heterodimer nanoprotein.
  • Inhibits IL-1β/IL-1F2-induced signaling.  
  • FIH study to commence in 2015.
  • Target indications: FMF, Behcet's disease.

RPH-001 & RPH-002

  • Oncology biosimilar MABs.
  • Phase III completed.
  • MAAs in Russia/Turkey planned for 2015.