R-Pharm US LLC was established in 2014 by Mark Pavao and Demetrios Kydonieus with the goal of building the US commercialization business for R-Pharm JSC.

Based in Princeton, NJ, R-Pharm US LLC is focused on acquiring and commercializing underserved pharmaceutical brands in both the oncology and chronic autoimmune therapeutic areas.   

On July 1, R-Pharm US completed the purchase of Ixempra from Bristol Myers Squibb.  The plan is to establish a sales force and build commercial muscle and lay the groundwork for the future launches of innovative products currently in development and pharmaceutical brands acquired.


Pursuit of Excellence
We have a corporate-wide philosophy of never being satisfied with how business was done in the past, or what the company has achieved. It means trying to develop better products and services, to constantly improve customer satisfaction, to try to upgrade operational efficiency and the productivity of everyone in the organization.

Absolute Integrity
We will act with honesty and honor at all times.

Pure Authenticity
Who you are is the same as what you do and say. We insist on honest conversations, we insist on realism, and we encourage robust dialogue built on candor, openness, and informality.

Always Patient Centric
We genuinely commit to putting the patient at the center. "Patient-centric" cannot simply be a marketing buzzword.   For R-Pharm US, genuine patient-centricity means understanding the patient's experience of his or her condition – what the individual patient values and needs and designing services or solutions with the patient in mind.

Not Just a Career

Joining R-Pharm US LLC means that you will work for a company that cares about you. Employees view their careers at R-Pharm US as more than a means of earning wages. Our employees value the opportunity to work hard, be creative, make a difference and have fun on the job.

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